Developing A Healthy Self-Esteem

Having healthy self-esteem is really important as it helps you make positive choices in your everyday life, give you the courage to be your own person, have good relationships and helps your deal with difficult situations.

Improving Your Self-Esteem

  1. Challenge Bad Thoughts About Yourself: Replace them with more positive thoughts which celebrate things you’re good at. You can do this by writing down a list of at least three things you do well. Remember this list when you start feeling low, this will help bring yourself back to reality.
  2. Take Care Of Yourself: When you exercise, you’ll ease stress and feel better about yourself. Having a cheesy dance in your bedroom, or going for a jog around the block are great ways to boost your self-esteem. Take Care Of Yourself
  3. Relax: The constant feeling of stress can play a huge role in low self-esteem. It makes you feel negative thoughts more often, it reduces your confidence and you’ll probably feel too tired to exercise, be social or do a lot of the things you love. Relax
  4. Set Goals: Take the time every day to think about what you’d like to achieve. Then set yourself realistic goals for each day and keep track of your progress by writing down all your accomplishments. Set Goals

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